You know the drill – you want an appointment time that fits your schedule, and that nice lady behind the desk swears there’s nothing after school for three months. Do you have to be a rocket scientist to get an appointment? Nope, but here are a few secrets that will help you score that perfect appointment.

1. Be Nice – Be firm, but be courteous. The squeaky wheel may get the grease, but the staff will REALLY want to go out of their way for you, if you just be your usual sweet, self. Ask for want you want with clarity, but being nice will go a long, long way.

2. Be Honest about your Schedule – If you only want Saturday appointments, tell the staff. They will note it in your file. If at all possible, make your next appointment at the conclusion of the last one – you’ll get first pick of the most desirable times.

3. Be Smart – If you want to be seated promptly, ask for the first appointment of the day, or the first appointment after lunch. If you don’t want your kids to miss their after- school sports, social activities, lessons, tutoring, or acupuncture appointments, see if you can bring them at lunchtime. Know where you have wiggle room in your schedule.

4. Be Persistent – Call the office in the morning if you’re hoping for a last minute cancellation. Call about an hour after the office opens – by then the front desk will know about any cancellations for the day.

5. Be a Sharer – If your child is in rehearsals for his first recital at Carnegie Hall, tell the staff. They will do their best to accommodate your child’s schedule. Similarly, if your child has any medical issues that mean frequent doctor visits, or even if your child is just going to have a better experience if the appointment is at a certain time of day. The staff wants you and your child to be happy, and information is the key.

So, there you have it. Help that front desk lady help you, and you’lll be doing the time warp dance together!