Our Hi-5 Program puts you ahead of your child’s growth, pointing out potential orthodontic issues before they arise.

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that children begin seeing the orthodontist at the age of seven for optimal treatment. We created our Hi-5 Program because we like seeing your little ones as early as 5 for a screening! Although we like to treat when all of the adult teeth are in, we can better prepare for that treatment through the Hi-5 Program. The upper jaw is almost completely grown by age 8, so you can understand why we want to take a look at things so young!

The Hi-5 Program comes at no charge, making it a great option for your family! Through photos and a 3D x-ray, we can evaluate the functionality of your child’s teeth. What does it mean to have functional teeth? It simply means that teeth are growing in the proper places, with correct spaces which allow for optimal breathing and functionality of the airway and mouth. Think of cross-bites, overbites, teeth that are not socially acceptable to the parent or child, or teeth not having enough room to come in—these are issues that we address early on for optimal function. If any of these issues are indicated, we can tackle them early with interceptive treatment instead of simply waiting for the teeth to grow crowded. By being proactive we’re able to ensure a smoother, quicker treatment process.

Not only are there oral and health benefits to the Hi-5 Program, but your child becomes familiar with our office at a young age. By bringing your child in early, they’re able to form a bond and establish trust with Dr. Vic and the team. We provide this support to our community, all while having a lot of fun! Our little Hi-5 members can spin a prize wheel, pick goodies from a treasure chest and really develop a rapport with our team. They can even choose to hang their picture on our Hi-5 wall! The Hi-5 Program means that you have us as a resource no matter what, through all of life’s ups and downs.

Call our office today and ask how to get your child involved in our Hi-5 Program—you have nothing to lose!