They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but our before and after smile gallery gives you two pictures for each patient featured and lets you slide between their before and after photos. It’s a great way to see the change an FTFO smile makes in peoples’ lives. Orthodontic treatment truly is life-changing and at FTFO we’ve transformed the lives of thousands of people in Riverhead, East Hampton, and throughout the East End.

Step into the world of personal transformations as you browse through these awe-inspiring photographs. From crooked smiles to aligned teeth, each image tells a story of newfound confidence and self-assurance. You’ll get a brief glimpse into the journey of individuals who have overcome insecurities and embraced their smiles with pride.

But the transformations don’t stop there. Explore how orthodontic care has not only enhanced smiles but also improved overall oral health and well-being. From correcting bite issues to improving airway/breathing to preventing future dental problems, these before-and-after images highlight the holistic benefits of orthodontic treatment.

So, check it out while you’re visiting our site today. Visit our before/after gallery today and see what all the excitement is about.