Welcome to the first of a three-part video series with Dr. Vic Grazina from Facing the Future Orthodontics. This series dives into how orthodontics can do more than straighten teeth—it can improve breathing, sleep quality, and overall health. Dr. Grazina will show us the connection between orthodontic problems and sleep issues. Using airway orthodontics, Dr Grazina focuses on solutions that lead to healthy, natural breathing with no need for oral appliances or CPAP machines.

Airway issues aren’t only in adults

Dr Grazina also addresses the unique needs of children with sleep-breathing disorders. Many times, these kids are wrongly labeled as having ADHD when they’re actually not getting enough sleep. Dr. Grazina explains how orthodontic treatment can make a big difference, offering hope to families dealing with these challenges.

Join us to learn about the big impact of orthodontics on health and happiness, especially for kids who might be misunderstood. This series is for parents, patients, or anyone interested in the benefits of airway orthodontic care in East Hampton, NY, Riverhead, NY, the Hamptons, and throughout Long Island’s East End.