All of us who work at Facing the Future Orthodontics noticed the same thing – some of our happiest, most satisfied patients were our patients with lingual braces – braces attached on the “tongue-side” of their teeth. Hmmmm…..we wondered, what’s up with that? So many orthodontists don’t even offer their patients lingual braces, but ours were literally happy campers. Sure, lingual braces are the only truly, completely invisible treatment option, but was that the only reason our lingual patients were so happy?

We decided to ask one of our patients with lingual braces exactly why she choose this particular treatment, and she emailed us a very thoughtful response, not just about why she choose lingual braces, but why she chose us

Dr. Grazina is extremely enthusiastic, knowledgeable and solution oriented.  I had braces as a teenager, but my teeth had moved considerably over the years.  Upon turning 50, I’d become increasingly self-conscious about my smile and dreamt of improving it.  I scheduled consults with three different orthodontists.  Two of them were unable to offer tangible solutions and even seemed dismissive of my concerns.  Dr. Grazina not only understood my desire to improve my smile, but also offered me a variety of solutions.  He embraced (no pun intended) the challenge of helping me to find a realistic course of action.  I found his positive attitude refreshing and encouraging.
Dr. Grazina’s knowledge and use of the latest technologies was markedly more advanced than other orthodontists whom I consulted with.  Not only did he use 3-D images to show me the achievable results of my treatment, which nobody else had done, but also he offers the widest variety of orthodontic options on the East End.  In addition to standard braces, colored braces, clear braces, and Invisalign, he also offers multiple lingual brace options.  For those of us who don’t want to attend board meetings and cocktail parties sporting “train tracks,” lingual braces proved an interesting alternative that the other orthodontists were not familiar with and thus did not offer.  Dr. Grazina, however, is highly informed and experienced with lingual braces and is clearly a leader in this particular field.
Dr. Grazina’s enthusiasm and positive attitude spill over onto his staff.  There is an energy amongst them that pervades the office.  From the second you step foot in the door, you get the sense that Dr. Grazina’s staff truly enjoy working with him and love what they do.
Dr. Grazina is extremely accessible to his patients.  When I texted him with concerns, he invariably replied within minutes.  He also worked closely with my dentist and periodontist to make sure we were all on the same page throughout the entire course of treatment.  On a number of occasions, he even took their calls while I was having procedures done in their offices.
 Lingual braces are not for everybody:  getting used to them is difficult, your tongue takes a beating, and your speech is definitely impacted.  There were times when I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through the process.  But Dr. Grazina was always willing to modify the treatment and offer alternative solutions when the going got rough.  Thanks to his expertise and support, I made it.  A year and a half later, I have a smile that makes me happy and that I’m proud of.
Thank you, Dr. Grazina, Judy, Claudia, Dina and the rest of the team for giving me my smile back!